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The Arizona State Attorney General has sided with law breaking businesses to stop enforcement of the ADA. As a result, the AID Foundation is currently unable to provide assistance to those in need. Please let the Arizona State Attorney General know how this is affecting you at

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    Obtaining assistance from AID Foundation is a simple process. To begin this process, we ask that you answer all the questions in the form below. Incomplete fields may disqualify or delay your application to AID Foundation.

Requests that will NOT be considered:

  • Medical bills
  • Ongoing utilities / rent / home or personal debt
  • Recurring medical payments
  • While we encourage innovation, we are not able to help with business start-up funding or any kind of business loan or expense. The request must be made for an individual with a disability
  • Attorney assistance / personal lawyer fees / personal legal assistance / legal advice

Applicants MUST:

  • Be a person with a disability (caregivers or family or friends may apply on behalf of someone with a disability)
  • Be a good, upstanding community member
  • Understand a background check may be used to verify information
  • Have a need that is NOT covered by insurance
  • Have a compelling story of need
  • A doctor note describing the disability and approval for the request may be needed

To start the application process with AID Foundation, please answer the following questions below: